Dan/General Trash Whore/Danson/Jerry/et cetera (the_danson) wrote in fivestartheatre,
Dan/General Trash Whore/Danson/Jerry/et cetera

Well, this isn't quite as detailed as Kyle's...

I was going to update after the cast list was posted, but Doug's entry convinced me to update now! So last Thursday was the drama meeting for the year, and I counted upwards thirty five star alumni. So that's very cool. This year we're doing The Mystery of Edwin Drood. There was a good handful of us at callbacks, and a few more made the cast as well. I'm not sure about the full details, rehearsals haven't started yet, so yeah...things are very cool here in Reading. I still can't wait for Five Star! And I uploaded all the pictures from the DVD to my photobucket. I know that's sort of plagarism or something, but it's wicked awesome. YOu can view the whole thing in a slide show. Eh! Stupid paragraphs aren't working! Sorry! --Trash
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