Doug (drc_81489) wrote in fivestartheatre,

i don't think anybody really comes to this community anymore but its worth seeing if anyone does. hi all. it's doug. how is everyone doing? it's officially the six month anniversary of Five's star fiddler on the roof today. wow time flies. and just think for all you out there who will be doing this again next year, only 6 months till the five star performance. and only 3 months or so until auditions. to recap the past few months...i saw mystery of edwin drooooooduh and it was really great. footloose was early december and it wasn't half bad. and for all you high schoolers, drama fest is coming up very soon. if anyone would like to see the peabody high performance of Bob's Date, which is our drama fest entry, come to peabody high on February 11 or 12th. one of those nights kyle is the understudy for the role of Nerves. so yeah. come see it. and i'm sure you all know many of the techies, including myself. and that's all i have to say. i think. hope to see you all soon. bye
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